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Aizong Star

Distance from Earth: 60 

Average Year: 2029

Average Day: 28

Size: 45

Gravity: 18


The economy and trate are very good. The Lelos have very good soil in their planet, they grow unique crops and everybody wants it. They are so over protective with their planet because of the invasion that they don't trade with anyone, their trading process in very unique. Lelos that make that as their job take a spaceship and go to a certain new planet and deliver their trade, they never trade in their planet to make sure the planet is not going to be invaded and taken away like the last one, for that reason the trading is very hard, and many planets want their products, they have to crop and harvest a lot for the other planets to have all the products they want, makes the economy very good. The trading process is also one of the most things that they do.

Economy and Trade 

Biomes and Ecosystems

Creatures and Plants 

This planet Aizong has a lot of biomes and ecosystems, the climate is mostly cold but it can also be hot in some days.The planet has a big variety of crops, it has especially beans and that is one of the crops that makes the planet unique, the beans grown there cano not be grown anywhere else because of the climate and the type of soil. In the planet Aizong you can also see a varios amount of flowers, trees and grass, the planet is very green and ecologic. The Lelos do an amazing job to take care of all that green and to make sure the crops are in amazing condition to take it out and mostly sell them to other planets.The forests there are very beautiful, full of green and there you can find things that were not discovered yet because no one could ever explore the whole forest and come back to talk about it. The planet is very big and mostly covered in trees that make the planet more green and the resources are in good quality for them when also when they are going to trade with other planets for money. 

The religion on the planet is very unique, they believe in their own religion and they believe in many Gods created by them.

The planet has many animals and plants, all of the animals are really important and unique. The plants are also one of the attractions on planet, the plants are used to make food and other things and they are properly cropped to be unique because of the soil that they have.  

The technology in the Aizong is very nice. The Lelos made sure their technology was the highest and the most unique one. The things they create no one could ever create because its very personal and you can only find it in the planet Aizong. 

The language  they speak is very unique and created by them, no other planets speaks that language, only them. The language is called Rubos and its a mix of many languages combined and made into a unique and good language. The languages very hard the vocabulary is very hard. The language started when the planet started and the other inhabitants came to the planet to visit and they started to mix the languages and created the new language. The language would not be spread to other planets because the Lelos are so over protective with their planet because of the invasion in the last one that no one can enter their planet. The only inhabitants from other planets can come to the plane is the ones that they trust, they still have alliances from other planets they can share things and trade their plants.   

The government in this planet is made with the KIng Arukh, the king is the leader of the planet and they would do anything for him, when the leader gets old his best friend of son can take the place and become the king. The king takes care of the planet and make all the decisions and take the security things for the planet. The planet is organized because of the king and the things he tells the Lelos to do, when the king disapproves an idea they can't do it, every single idea has to go through the king and he has to accept it. The king can demand to do things and people have to respect it, but even though it sounds bad and strict its not, because the king has to be someone that all the Lelos like, and someone that can be friends with everybody and treats them good. The king is very respected for being nice and friendly, he makes sure all the Lelos have everything they want and that is very good for the planet, there are no wars or violence. In this planet the king tough the Lelos how to love and they all love each other and respect each other, they don't fight and they respect each other.   





The current inhabitants are the lelos, this inhabitants travaled a lot because they were lost in space when they found this place to live, and since that day they made Aizong their home. They started to create more things that could make their house special and it was one of the best stars on the galaxy. The Lilos came from another planet that was called Jubicb but the planet was acing some problems that they couldn't manage to fix, it was invaded by the Dubds and they took away the kingdom and all the things that the Lilos had.They are very scared the Dubds can find Aizong and take their home again, they are being careful and taking their security to a whole another level to prevent invasions. They moved to Aizong and they realized that they wanted to be there for a long time and make that planet their home, they transformed the planet into the planet Jubicb and it was a very popular planet because of its resources and things they had. They could not be invaded again because their level of protection was very good and not every planet had it, many inhabitants from other plantes come to visit and they let them if they are friendly, Lelos wont forget what happened to their planet but they love the new one as much as the old one for the opportunity they had. 
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